Sharing Post-Divorce – For The Kids’ Sake

Can “sharing” and “divorcing” go together in the same sentence?  As you work out your parenting plan, and determine where the kids are going to live, have you come to impasse where you truly believe that you cannot come to an agreement on who will get the kids when and for how long?  You may want to consider continuing to share your matrimonial home with your ex-spouse.

“How on earth…” you say?  Well, did any of you follow the TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8?  When they first separated, they did this type of parenting plan.  Kids stay in the matrimonial home on a permanent basis, and the parents move in and out based on their parenting time schedule.

Divorce professionals often advise to try to disrupt the kids as little as possible during a divorce.  This would certainly be one way to achieve this.  Parents may each keep a bedroom in the home, perhaps get a lock for the door to secure it when they are away, and will move to another residence during the other parent’s time with the kids.  I have seen a number of parents try this arrangement, and while it is not for everyone, for those who can do it, it works very well.

Consider this arrangement as well for the family cabin or any other residence you might have.  Work out an arrangement where you continue to jointly own the cabin, and set out a schedule of who gets to have the kids at the cabin during which times.  Let the kids continue to enjoy the cabin!



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