Full courses for purchase:

Healthy Thriving Families 101

An introductory course if you are considering separation / divorce, or if you are at the start of your separation.  Get tools to build a solid & effective co-parenting relationship, reduce conflict, and get strategies for resilient kids.

Healthy thriving families 101
Individual modules:

Divorce Mission Statement

Create a divorce mission statement – become intentional about thriving post separation / divorce.


The Spectator Gallery

Learn key strategies for surrounding yourself with supportive people, rather than toxic people.

Talking to the Kids About the Separation

Learn the do’s and don’ts when talking to your kids before and during the divorce.


Finding the Right Process

Learn why ‘process’ is a key consideration at the start of your separation / divorce, and why this decision may impact your family’s future.


Finding the Right Professional

Choosing who will assist you through your transition can be a difficult decision. Learn what you should know before you choose.


Top 10 Tips: Preparing to Untie the Knot

Learn strategies for how to approach your break-up with dignity & respect, changing to a positive-only outlook.


Divorce Wellness

Discover what divorce wellness means, and why this can impact your success.