My Favourite Divorce Books

I love to feature great books I’ve found to help parents to learn how to effectively transition into co-parenting from two homes.  It really is a skill that’s acquired; just like learning to drive, it’s important to start out your new journey with creating an effective foundation of positive and effective skills.

Here’s my favourites – they are all pictured below:

  • Explaining divorce to small children – Two Homes
  • Pre-Teens and Teens to read on their own – Mom’s House Dad’s House for Kids
  • Workbook for parents to do with kids – Helping Your Kids to Cope the Sandcastles Way
  • Encyclopedia on how to co-parent effectively and positively from two homes: Mom’s House Dad’s House
  • To learn more about divorce process options to keep families out of court – Divorce Mediation & Collaborative Divorce –
    • Children Come First: Mediation Not Litigation When Marriage Ends
    • The Collaborative Way to Divorce
  • A very impactful and popular book – Tug of War – judge from Ontario Superior Court of Justice
  • Grown children talking about their experience going through childhood divorce  – We’re Still Family

Check out our entire list of book recommendations here.

For small children
For ages 10+
Parents to work with children
Encyclopedia for parents
Learn about mediation as a way to resolve divorce issues
Learn about Collaborative Divorce as a way to resolve divorce issues
Judge’s account of why Divorce Court is not the place for families
Stories by adult children of divorce



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