I have heard about “Collaborative Law” for divorcing families – what is it?

This is a topic I hold dear to me because of the positive effects it can have on families going through separation & divorce.

Collaborative Family Law is a structured process which offers families an alternative to court in resolving their family dispute.  It allows parties to focus on what is important to them and to their families in order to reach an acceptable solution.  Parties effectively reduce their conflict and get to a resolution much faster than in a litigated settlement.

At the start of the process both parties and their lawyers sign a Participation Agreement committing to establish an open and cooperative environment while maintaining confidentiality.  The parties and their lawyers form a core team, working together in 4-way meetings to address and creatively resolve any matters affecting the family.  This process works well for parties who want to work together with their ex to resolve their issues, but also want their lawyer there to guide them and provide legal advice along the way to agreement.

Often, the team will seek the expertise of independent 3rd parties such as therapists, financial advisers, accountants, coaches, and others who remain neutral while advising both parties.

By choosing the Collaborative Process, families are choosing to resolve their dispute in a dignified and respectful manner.



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