How can I help my kids get through our divorce happy and healthy?

First, I want to congratulate you for recognizing that you need to focus energy on helping your kids get through your separation and/or divorce.  The other day I heard a statistic from a U.S. based study which astonished me: 45% of families going through a divorce only say a couple of remarks to their kids to explain the fact that Mom and Dad are getting a divorce.  15% of families say nothing at all.  Only 5% of families actually sit down with their children to explain what is happening to their family unit.

So often, kids think that their parents divorce is their fault – you must change that.  Talk to your kids.  Have them talk to a counselor.  Get a divorce workbook for kids.  Somehow, get the dialogue going so that you are aware of how they are feeling.

My top 2 pieces of advice: talk to your kids about what’s happening, and allow your kids to love each parent equally – don’t make them choose sides.



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