Divorced Co-Parenting During COVID-19

mother and daughter with masks

Amid this COVID-19 world pandemic, separated and divorced parents are still coping with trying their best to co-parent.

I would be interested to know – has this pandemic created more cooperation between you as parents or escalated matters?

Be Flexible

We have kids who are needing to self-isolate in one parent’s home for any given reason, and that is impacting the other parent’s time. How has the communication gone around that? It would be expected that parents are flexible to ensure that the primary focus is on the family’s health and the prevention of the spread of the virus.

Follow the Rules

We have parents who have differing views as to how seriously to take this pandemic and the world’s recommendation to self-isolate at home to “flatten the curve”. If one household is adhering and the other is not, what do you do? The kids are being exchanged and possibly carrying the virus between the homes.

Both families should agree to adhere to the provincial guidelines and be transparent if a possible exposure has occurred. Failing to do so could have astronomical health consequences for the health and safety of both of your households.

Find Resolution Out-Of-Court

If you need professional assistance, you may want to consider using a neutral professional (mediator) or each of your lawyers (collaboration) to assist you to resolve disputes as they arise.

Sometimes all that is needed is a quick video-conference to get things back on track, ensuring that you’re both heard and understood, and that a compromise to the situation can occur.

As we all sit back, take a deep breath, and try to absorb the state of the world, stay safe and above all else keep your family safe.



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