We’re getting close to the holidays now! This week we will be helping blended families plan for the upcoming Christmas holiday. What does the term “blended family” mean? A blended family is essentially a household that’s made up of two people in a relationship where they bring their children from outside of the relationship into […]

This blog post is a continuation of our holiday series, and is intended for those families who have been separated or divorced for a while, and who have had more than one holiday in two homes.  Your family has likely had some challenges and some successes, but all-in-all I bet there’s some things you would […]

There’s a lot to think about in planning your first holiday season such as Christmas with the children sharing their time between each parent’s home. This blog will go through my Top 3 Tips to help you get through the first holiday season. Tip #1 – Create new traditions, or maintain some of the old […]

I’ve put together my Top 3 tips for families who are still living under one roof but who are considering separation or divorce. This can be an extremely stressful time for families especially because there’s not much ability to give one another space, and the conflict level is likely very high in the household. This […]

When parents separate, we are tasked with creating a parenting plan which describes in essence how parents will co-parent into the future. One of the main topics within any parenting plan is decision-making responsibilities. Parents will typically specify either that one parent has sole decision-making responsibility, or that the parents will have joint decision-making responsibilities […]

It’s all in the preparation.  It will either be a successful back-to-school experience for the kiddos or it’ll be a stressful time.  Here’s some ideas for how to best prepare your children for a great start to the school year! Check out our Interview Series video with Thabbata Mizrahi for tips on how to positively […]

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